Senior Women’s Squad

10530751_812455762131570_8332371722259488752_n-1Rowing is the bestest sport ever….don’t believe me? Then you clearly haven’t tried it out for long enough. At AUBC we aim to cater from complete beginners right up to those who want to actively compete at a high standard. If you are brand new to the sport take a look at the Novice Squad page for more details of how to take up the sport. However if you have a year or more experience of rowing and are female you are in the right place.

Throughout the year training will consist of mixture of water and land activities. On the water expect to have technical outings to improve your rowing stroke and power outings to improve rowing fitness and strength. Land training will include ergos, gym work, circuits and running. However it is up to you to decide how hard to push yourself in these activities, the harder you work the better the result at the end of the year. “Medals are won in the winter and are collected in the Summer”.

Don’t let that scare you, it won’t all be training. Rowing is a great way to make new and strengthen old friendships as it is very much a team sport where working together is key at any level. Social nights, meals and other fun things are also part of what can be expected at AUBC as well as trips away to competitions. Take a look at the calendar for dates of upcoming regattas so you can keep those dates free.

So come and join us whether to have fun, make friends, keep fit or win medals.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch,

Anna-Spohie Tirre
Senior Women’s Captain