Novice Women’s Squad

13165924_1137182229636511_1535059177273903593_nThe novice women’s squad is for all those women new to the sport of rowing aimed at introducing the basic skills and techniques captained by myself. There is a lot to learn when you being rowing so your first few session will be based around one of the following:

●Correct rowing technique
●Cox calls – learning the lingo
●Boat Handling
●Using the Ergo (Rowing machines)
●Boat terminology
●Racing technique

Training will take place on Wednesday afternoons and weekends depending on the tidal patterns of the River Dee. Water outings can only take place at high tide but squads will be informed to training times. This boat training will be in boats with 4 or 8 rowers learning to ‘sweep row’. But there may also be some opportunity to learn to ‘skull row’.

Throughout the year we aim to improve general fitness including gym sessions (but you don’t need to be super fit to join rowing). Gym training is not compulsory but obviously the more participation the greater the improvement. A detailed training schedule with at least 2 water outings and 1 gym session per week will be provided. Alongside this attending Aberdeen Sports Village circuits is also encouraged by the Boat Club.

Our club offers to welcome you to the world of rowing and lycra whilst taking you out on some fantastic social events. In all we aim to provide an everlasting memorable time rowing at AUBC and at Aberdeen University.

If you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to email me.

Fern Harvey
Novice Women’s Captain