Novice Men’s Squad

20160312-unibr-0794Welcome to Aberdeen University Boat Club’s novice men’s section. This squad is for males in their first year of rowing, either freshers or those in their second, third or even fourth years at AU who have decided to take up the sport.

Rowing is one of the most physically demanding sports, utilising every muscle group in the body. During your first year, training will focus on technique and fitness- coaching the movement of the stroke on the ergometers (rowing machines) and on the water, starting in eights and progressing onto fours and smaller boats such as pairs and singles. Fitness will be improved by attending circuits at the Aberdeen sports village, outings on the river Dee and the occasional erg, a machine you will learn to love and hate in equal measure.

But of course rowing isn’t all about training (although it can feel like that sometimes!), we train to compete. Over the year you will attend large national events such as The Head of the river race on the Thames in London and BUCS at Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham, and local and regional events such as Strathclyde park regatta, Aberdeen fours and eights heads, and North east regatta in Aberdeen.

Finally, and most importantly, rowing is a social sport. You’ll meet great people and make great friends. We have many social events throughout the year, including the boat race ball, and other various nights out as a club.

If you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Marvin Mucke
Novice men’s captain